Let’s get straight to it. I know you’re on a strict timeline. I get the frustration when your client doesn’t know what they want. It means your timelines get pushed, your subs might be frustrated and you're not getting paid on time.

With my experience in project management and design for a cabinet shop and remodeling company, I’ve been there. But it doesn’t have to be that way. With my seamless processes, I can assist your clients in their design and decision making and relay that info to you in an organized way that covers all the bases.

Bridging the gap

between contractors and homeowners since 2020

Let me take on the upfront design and decision-making with the client
so you can focus on your timelines and efficient execution.

Let's work together!

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"Jen changed my whole business. No lie."

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"Working with you was a dream. Thank you!!"


Some of my work

  • An innovative and playful design that reflects the homeowners’ lifestyle and will be a great addition to your portfolio

  • A seamless process to get decisions made quickly and efficiently

  • An organized document for you and your colleagues that leaves no questions unanswered

  • A working relationship that will allow you to speak up if my designs don’t make sense with the construction process

Here's what i can ensure

My goal is to make your life easier!


From kitchen cabinet layouts to grout color to outlet placement, I am here for you.


Showroom consultations where I can get you answers on the specs you need to accurately schedule your project.


A 30 minute consultation with the client to go over paint or cabinet color.