As a homeowner and designer in Nampa, Idaho, I get caught up in home makeover shows with the best of them. But time after time I find myself getting frustrated that the homeowners’ personality is not being reflected in the overall design. 

As a previous project manager and designer, I have seen the frustration that builds between homeowner and contractor. The contractor wants a blueprint with all the decisions laid out so they can move forward efficiently with construction. Meanwhile, the homeowner doesn’t fully understand the details of the construction process and goes back and forth on decisions and may not even pay attention to some details they ultimately wish they would have.

With a passion to reinvigorate homeowners through curating personal yet practical spaces, I actively listen to their needs and wants and use my expertise to not only push them out of their comfort zones but also bring up the details they may have overlooked on their own. 

I also love learning more and more about the construction process and value the input of the contractor as they understand budget and the feasibility of my designs. I create a working relationship that allows all parties involved to feel heard. Symbiosis, my friend, is the goal, and I’ll be the clown fish to your anenome any day.

Hey there! I'm Tasha.

With your needs at the forefront, I design personality-packed spaces that will work seamlessly for you and your family.

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I love playing with old film cameras! It's a hobby of mine.

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