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The Power of Paint – ORC Week 3

Well, we’re halfway there in the One Room Challenge, people, and I have to be honest, I don’t have a ton to show for it. Now don’t get me wrong! We have done a lot of work and the progress train is definitely chugging. It’s just, I don’t have much to show you right now. The major thing I have to talk about today is the power of paint!

Oh glorious paint! Thanks for completely transforming our space. You brought it from dull beige to beautiful gray. And this gray is not just any gray, it is the PERFECT GRAY. It is Silver City by Behr and I’m obsessed. You can see how we incorporated it into this bedroom too. It is beautiful! Not too purple, not too blue, not too brown, perfectly neutral gray. Dark enough to highlight the white moulding but still light and bright for our small dim-lit and window-lacking bathroom.

the perfect gray paint - Silver City by Behr

Do you see how the moulding pops so nicely? It makes the white so much crisper and really freshens up the space. The beige color before almost made the room look dingy when it’s still a fairly new house. Can someone please tell me why beige is the go-to color for new builds?

The other painting project we went through was painting the cabinets….

blue chalk paint on cabinets

But they are not the color we thought they would be! The blue we wanted was a nice grayish blue while this ended up being very baby blue. It’s a pretty color, sure, but it’s not what we were wanting. So the new paint has been ordered and other projects must ensue before finishing this one. Why did I have to order paint, you ask? Well, we’re using chalk paint and while I know you can mix your own colors, I just wasn’t willing to take that on this go around. And hardware store selection for chalk paint is limited. So back to the great Amazon we go!

We also removed our shower curtain rod before painting. We had a curved one piece rod that was a beast to remove. I wish I had a better tutorial for you but this is essentially what we did. (I must preface this with please don’t judge this dirty thing. But I now know I must clean our shower curtain rod much more often.)

how to remove shower curtain rod

See that space on the top? You can’t use a typical screwdriver on it but a teeny tiny little alan wrench. That’s the easy part.

how to remove shower curtain rod

Now, do you see those circular caps against the wall? We basically had to pry those babies off to expose the screws and anchors that were used to secure the curtain rod to the wall. That’s it! Nothing extravagant but nothing super informative either. Sorry.

All in all, I have truly enjoyed being a part of this challenge. I have found some inspiring blogs to follow (you can find all of the participants here) and have enjoyed being challenged to put this space together in a set time. I may just do it again, but let’s see how the next 3 weeks go…..

Wow! So the bones have been stripped and freshened up with paint. Let’s make a checklist of what we have left.

What’s left to do:

  • Re-paint cabinets
  • Paint floor
  • Paint stencil feature wall
  • Install fixtures
  • DIY art
  • Build shelves for above toilet
  • Style

We have just about everything ordered and everything is coming together. Since we have to wait on the cabinet paint, I’m hoping to start cracking on this stencil and installing the new fixtures. You won’t believe the mirror we got. It is gorgeous!

In case you need to catch up, here are my previous One Room Challenge posts:

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See you next week and happy creating!

(Update: You can see the reveal here)

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