monday mind melt, fall leaves, fall, autumn, golden leaves, tree

Monday Mind Melt #3 – Photography tips, mom life, and fall vibes.

Good Monday y’all. This weekend has been a whirlwind. If you’re new here, welcome! Monday Mind Melt is a place for me to dump the things going on in my head that may not warrant a full post. Feel free to dump your thoughts on me as well!

monday mind melt, fall leaves, fall, autumn, golden leaves, tree

  • If you’re looking for some great photography tips, check out this great post by Caffeine, Chaos, and Grace. She compiled a bunch of great advice to get some great looking shots. A lot of these would work really great for flat lay shots similar to the ones below.

diy wreath, flat lay, supplies, lilacs

wall hanging, weaving, tapestry, diyDIY wall hanging

  • I went through some major mom life moments this week. I got through our oldest baby heading off to Kindergarten last week. It actually was very uneventful. She went in like a champ and by the second day had already made friends and knew her classroom number and where she was going. I didn’t even have a chance to cry because our 3 year old (whoever coined the term “terrible twos” clearly didn’t have a three year old) threw a fit as his sister was entering her classroom. He was screaming, “I want sissy!” and proceeded to try and pull me in the direction of the room. Everyone was like, “Oh, how cute. He wants his sister.” That was not my reaction, however, as my eyes were rolling into my head and my arm was being pulled out of its socket. It’s cool, dude. I love you to pieces but my patience is wearing thin with this three year old “I’m independent and want to do everything but need you to carry me because I’m still a baby” business. I AM OVER IT! Anyone other moms with me? And any other moms wonder why everyone else thinks your kid is cute while they’re throwing a fit…. not cute! But then they become the sweetest thing like 5 minutes later…… I have no words.

  • Have you checked out the room reveal yet? I’m curious to know what you think about having someone else design your space? Do you like the idea or do you prefer to do your own thing? Would you pay for it? I have so many questions!

eclectic parisian style, bedroom makeover, bedroom design, gallery wall, millennial pink

  • I am loving the Fall air. Anyone else a super fan of Autumn? It is absolutely, 100% my favorite season. The crisp air, the warm colors, the crunchy leaves, the cozy sweaters, the hot coffee, the pumpkin everything. What’s your favorite part of Fall?

fall leaves, yellow leaves, tree, autumn, fall

  • Have you heard of Easy RGB? If you find a paint color you like in one brand, it lets you know of similar colors in another brand. It is incredibly helpful and allows you to take those beautiful inspiration photos on Pinterest that all use Benjamin Moore and Farrow & Ball paints and convert them into Behr/Olympia/Valspar. I bookmarked it and will continue to use it on likely every project.

Laundry room makeover, wrapping paper storage, laundry room, wall stencil, wallpaper, storage, organizationLaundry Room Makeover

Thanks for stopping by for my mind melt. I hope you all have a wonderful week. For more mind melts, see here and here.


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