Maternity Christmas Gift Guide 2017

maternity christmas gift guide 2017 slippers |  initial necklace |pj leggings | peppermint bark | blanket | expecting journal | teal journal | floral top |diaper bag backpack |cardigan 

At Christmas, it can be difficult to determine what to get for all of the people on your list.  It can be especially hard to know what to get an expectant mother.  Here are few things I came up with and as a current mama-to-be, I would appreciate any of these things.

  1. slippers – World Market $29.99 – When you’re pregnant, all you want to do is be as comfortable as you can be.  I know as soon as I walk through the door, I want to kick my shoes off and basically put on pajamas.  However, it is so easy to feel insecure when pregnant, so why not make those comfy items adorable as well?  These bright-colored pom pom slippers will have you ready for some hot cocoa and dance parties in the kitchen.
  2. initial necklace – Etsy shop Silver Wren $24.00+ – Becoming a mom is such a big deal and your expectant loved one will treasure that baby with all of their heart.  What a better gift than a beautiful, dainty necklace they can wear on a daily basis?  If you know the baby’s name, why not surprise them with something they can wear for a lifetime?
  3. pj leggings – Aerie $39.95 – Like I said earlier, comfort is key while pregnant.  Give them something they can use now and after the baby.  These look so comfy and have an adjustable tie at the top.
  4. peppermint bark –  World Market $11.99 – Chocolate and pregnancy go together like salt and pepper.  Give them something that they’ll love… for maybe an hour.
  5. blanket – Target $22.49 – These blankets are incredibly soft and are perfect for really anyone at this time of year.  A neutral color like this cream will work with anyone’s decor and can serve them year-round.
  6. expecting journal – Anthropologie $14.95 – Something I haven’t been good at with my kids and wish I was better at is documenting my pregnant journey with each child.  There are so many emotions and changes that happen.  It would have been nice to look back on the second and now third pregnancies, not to mention a fun memento for your kids someday.  Plus, let’s be real, pregnancy brain is a real thing and can be detrimental to your memory.
  7. teal journal – Anthropologie $32.00 – Another option for the expectant mama with a pretty teal suede cover.
  8. floral top – H&M $17.99 – Finding cute maternity clothes can be difficult.  This one is bright and cheery and can be used any time of the year.  Just throw on a cute cardigan with leggings and boots in the winter or a skirt and sandals in the summer.
  9. diaper bag backpack – Target $99.99 – Oh the infamous diaper bag!  This one is on my list BIG TIME this year.  After carrying a standard diaper bag with my two other kids, I am more than ready for an upgrade.  Why do we feel we have to sacrifice style when we become moms?  Plus, the functionality of a backpack sounds so nice.  It comes with a changing pad, stroller straps, and plenty of pockets for all of the odds and ends you thought you’d never be carrying around.  Believe you me, I WILL be rocking this bag by the time this third baby comes, whether it’s a gift from a loved one or a gift for myself.
  10. cardigan – Target $16.09 – Again, something cute and comfy to wrap up in during those temperature fluctuations.  I love cardigans while pregnant because they somehow make me feel “normal” when I have another human growing inside me.  Plus, how nice is it to have pieces in your wardrobe that can be used while nursing and beyond?

I hope this gift guide served useful for you and you are able to find some cute, functional items for those pregnant mamas out there… or maybe for yourself (don’t worry, I won’t tell).  Let me know what you  think about these items and the price points.  And stay tuned, because I have more gift guides to come!

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