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Diaper Bag Review and Roundup

diaper bag shot editedtote diaper bag | similar

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw this photo a while back of my chic new diaper bag.  Finally, three kids in, I treated myself to a cute one.  I have carried a diaper bag around for almost 5 years now and have been yearning for something with a little more style.  My old one was nothing bad, just the typical diaper bag with a lot of pockets and looks like something for your baby, not for you.  Well, that was going to change this time around. I searched and searched for the appropriate bag for me.  Thankfully, chic diaper bags are becoming more of a thing.  I wanted something that would be functional yet stylish.  I finally landed on this and am so happy with this purchase. It is the Diophy PU Leather Tote Diaper Bag and I got it on Overstock.  I read through the reviews before purchasing and most of them were great.  The only complaint I read was that it got too heavy.  This didn’t phase me too much as I felt our diaper bag at the time got heavy as well.  Babies and toddlers have a lot of stuff!  The more you put in, the more it weighs.  Simple math.  It also comes with a changing pad, a zipper pouch, a small leather clutch bag, and a bottle insulating pouch all for a really reasonable price at $68.99.  Since we just had a new baby and I knew I would likely be carrying it around for at least another 4 years, I figured the price was well worth it.  I have been using if for about two months now and I am extremely impressed.

DSC_1060tote diaper bag | similar | straw hat (similar)

The exterior is a nice quality and cleans easily.  It is a faux leather and I have already spilled milk and poop (no disguises here) on it and it was very easy to wipe clean.  I have even sprayed a tiny bit of antibacterial cleaner on it and it has not stained or altered the integrity of the bag in any way.  The strap details add something extra to give it some style.  There are two zipper pockets on the outside that are small but large enough for me to throw my keys, chapstick, lotion, and hand sanitizer in.  I wish one of these was large enough to fit my iphone but the pocket is just slightly too small.  There is a zipper closure which is so nice for moms.  I can’t tell you how many times I have lost things from flying out the top of a bag that doesn’t close securely.  Am I right, moms?  Putting three kids and groceries in a vehicle is enough work.  We don’t need our diaper bags to be causing problems as well.

DSC_0002tote diaper bag | similar

On the inside, there is a zipper pocket, two elasticized bottle pockets and two other open side pockets.  I love that it came with a zipper pouch and changing pad.  I stick the wipes, diapers, changing pad, and even pull-ups for our two year old in there.  It is convenient to just grab that bag to change a diaper as opposed to taking the whole thing if you don’t need to.  Plus, then my husband doesn’t have to carry around a bag that looks like a purse when he is on diaper duty.  (Although he loves me enough and would carry it if he had to.  In fact, he has.  What a good guy.)  The only other complaint besides the outside pockets not being big enough for my phone is the color of the interior lining.  I’m not sure why they chose red.  It seems like an odd color.  This could be the one thing that gives it a cheaper appearance but thankfully, it’s on the inside.  It is a wipeable lining which is nice.  A pretty blue and white ticking stripe would have been much cuter.  It also would have been brighter to make it easier to see things inside.

With that being said, I really do love this bag.  It looks like a purse, functions like a diaper bag, and is well made.  I’m impressed and would recommend it.  Unfortunately, though, it is currently out of stock.  I will definitely let you know if and when it comes back in stock.  In the meantime, I have compiled some of my favorite chic diaper bags that are also affordable.  If you’re expecting a baby, are in the market for a new diaper bag, just want to treat yourself to one, or are looking for a good gift for a new mom, these are great options.

diaper bag roundup               camel tote | green tote | chocolate tote | black tote | blush backpack                  navy backpack | striped bag | gray backpack | gray messenger bag | black backpack

I am in awe of the selection of styles and colors available for diaper bags now.  I love that backpack options are becoming more available as it makes sense that one would want to be hands free when it comes to carrying their bag.  That striped bag is only $49.99 and adorable.  The bottom three are good options for daddy too.  The forest green option is from an awesome Etsy shop called BagyBags that has many other stylish bags as well. (See this one and this one.)

What do you think about the idea of a chic diaper bag?  I think anything we can do to make ourselves feel like we’re doing something for us as well as our kids is a good thing.  Having a cute bag makes me feel put together even when I clearly am not.  It’s just one less thing to worry about and one more thing to make us feel good.

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Let me know below which one is your favorite.

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