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Bathroom Makeover Progress – One Room Challenge Spring 2020 – Week 3

It’s week 3 of the One Room Challenge as we take on our bathroom makeover. If you’re unfamiliar with the One Room Challenge, you can learn all about it here. It is a 7 week challenge where designers from all around transform one space. There are talented featured designers but anyone else can join as well.

One Room Challenge

If you’re new to our bathroom makeover, you can catch up on the previous weeks:

Week 1 – Before pics and design plan

Week 2 – What’s under the wallpaper?

I don’t have anything very exciting to show you but I am happy to tell you that we completed linoleum removal and demo of laundry cabinets and trim. I also sanded down the vanity. So we have a nice clean slate and are ready to start adding in the pretty things. Here are a few pictures as to where we stand today:

If you want to see a more detailed process of the transformation so far, make sure to head over to my Instagram, @rufusandhenrietta. I share timelapses of the whole process on stories as well as posts.

To-Do List

Let’s check out our to-do list for this space:

  • Remove wallpaper
  • Remove linoleum floor
  • Lay new floor
  • Sand vanity
  • Remove trim
  • Paint trim
  • Install new trim
  • Remove cabinets above laundry area
  • Replace toilet
  • Texture walls
  • Paint walls
  • Paint ceiling
  • Stencil above vanity
  • Paint vanity
  • Order all the pieces
  • Wallpaper pocket door
  • Style

I have a feeling this next week is going to involve a lot of paint and I’m very excited about it!!! Make sure to check out all of the other amazingly talented participants and I’ll chat with you next week.

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